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Membership is free for all those who wish to join and/or help the club with its mission. The club, however, is a non-profit entity that relies on the support of all individuals wishing to help. If you can, a donation of $25 would go a long way in helping to maintain all the services and programs the club has to offer. A charitable receipt will be issued upon request.

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Disabled Members

Anyone of any age with a disability and who wants to run is welcome to become a member of the Achilles Track Club of Canada. Membership is free and there is minimal or no charge for members who participate in local races, coaching or workouts. Achilles T-shirts are free to those who show determination.

Access to the club's web site and newsletters is also provided free of charge to all members. If running events are held in a city outside of the city where the member resides, the Achilles Track Club of Canada will provide financial assistance to members who wish to participate in those events by meeting the race fees and part of the costs of room and board at the city where the event takes place. The member is responsible for his or her transportation costs. Provided the person has a willingness to try, they can run.

Members of the Achilles Track Club of Canada who run have disabilities such as visual, cerebral palsy, paraplegia, arthritis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, amputation, cystic fibrosis, or those who suffer from stroke, cancer, traumatic head injury, and many others.

Some runners may use a wheelchair or prostheses or they may be blind, but through the assistance and training provided to them by volunteers of the Achilles Track Club, they are able to run in races.