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Membership is free for all those who wish to join and/or help the club with its mission. The club, however, is a non-profit entity that relies on the support of all individuals wishing to help. If you can, a donation of $25 would go a long way in helping to maintain all the services and programs the club has to offer. A charitable receipt will be issued upon request.

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How to Join

Able-Bodied Members

Anyone of any age and who enjoys running is welcomed to join the Achilles Track Club of Canada to become a volunteer member and to become a running guide.

Depending on the needs of the disabled runner, the volunteer member essentially runs the race next to the disabled runner. For example, a runner who is blind may require the use of a tether or just to have the running guide to run side by side with him or her. On the other hand, wheelchair athletes require running guides who can stay with them at differing speeds and is adaptable to the erratic pace of a wheelchair.

Able-bodied members are vital in making a run possible for the disabled. Not only do they provide training to the disabled athletes, they provide both physical and emotional support to the disabled athletes during a race.

Sharing the same goal of crossing the finish line at the end of the race, barriers between the disabled and the non-disabled are extinguished by the sheer joy and sense of achievement that participants share together.